Paper shredder Parts

Paper Shredder Parts

Welcome to Shredder Parts, The one stop paper shredder spare parts shop for all document shredder brands!

We are here to assist no matter the brand of shredder you are sourcing spare parts for.

Shredder Parts stocks spare parts for popular office paper shredder brands such as INFOSTOP, IDEAL, GBC, Rexel, Fordigraph, Fellowes, Ledah, Shredmaster, EBA, Fordishred,  INTIMUS, Dahle, Martin Yale, HSM, GoEcoLife and Kobra. We can also asist with hard to find shredder spare parts from paper shredder manufacturers that no longer exist or no longer distribute in Australia and New Zealand, these include Geha, Primo, Sanyo, Taifun, BLS, Offrex, Panasonic, Fordishred and Ambassador.

Shredder Parts is a wholy owned subsidiary of Document Dynamix Australia, a leader in office shredding solutions which includes service and repairs of office shredders, spare parts, shredder maintenance and consumables (shredder bags and shredder oil).

With over 40 years experience in office shredder sales and support, you can rest assured your will find the spare part required for your office shredder.

Please browse the website for shredder replacement parts for your document shredder.

Identifying the correct shredder spare part can sometimes be a rather dawnting task so please feel free to contact our spare parts interpreters to help ascertain the correct spare part number and spare part you need to order.

At times it can be confusing which is the right spare part for your paper shredder because over the lifecycle of a shredder family build type, there can be several updates and improvements which is where we can assist to take the hassle and guesswork out of ordering the correct spare parts for your paper shredding machine.

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